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April 18, 2017

EPI-USE Labs acquires iSphere Technologies

Global specialist software solutions and services company EPI-USE Labs is pleased to announce that it has acquired iSphere Technologies, a leading SAP managed-services provider.


EPI-USE Labs’ products and IP-leveraged services help organisations to optimise their SAP investments, while iSphere Technologies provides managed cloud solutions for SAP business systems. Bringing the two companies together enables them to deliver significant benefits to their clients; iSphere's expertise in onboarding and managing large SAP implementations combined with EPI-USE Labs’ proprietary SAP cloud platform (EPI-USE Unified Platform) allows EPI-USE to offer a unique and robust end-to-end SAP managed cloud solution to SAP clients globally.


“This acquisition undoubtedly brings benefits not only to each company, but also to our clients,” says Phillip Stofberg, CEO of EPI-USE Labs. “It’s an ideal marriage of common business principles as we pool our collective expertise and services. iSphere Technologies brings valuable infrastructure and an extensive network reach, and has already achieved the remarkable feat of hosting the most SAP HANA production systems of any cloud or managed hosting provider in Africa. I’m very excited to have them on board.”


Ludi Nel, Technical Director of iSphere Technologies, says they are delighted to be joining EPI-USE Labs. “During the time we’ve worked together, I’ve been so impressed with the energy and drive of EPI-USE Labs,” he says. “We complement each other from a business perspective, and we also have close synergies culturally, sharing an unwavering commitment to our employees and our customers. This is an excellent business decision on both sides.”


Hilton Anspach, Senior Vice-President for Africa and the Middle East, adds: “We can now offer a one-stop shop for taking SAP systems to the cloud. We look forward to integrating the iSphere Technologies team to capitalise on the unique strengths of both companies.”


iSphere Technologies will continue to trade under their existing name in South Africa, providing the same dedication to clients and partners as previously, while EPI-USE Labs will expand iSphere's solution globally under the EPI-USE Labs brand. 


About EPI-USE Labs

EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions company whose products and services enable organisations to accelerate the performance of their SAP and SAP SuccessFactors systems. These advancements empower customers to make faster, more accurate business decisions while saving time, money and other resources.

Through its suite of solutions and services the company is able to significantly boost productivity in the areas of client and data copying, data security and anonymization, reporting, cloud solutions, and much more.  

At the heart of the company is a culture of driving value through innovation. With 30 years of experience, EPI-USE Labs is a proud member of, with business operations in 52 countries employing 1,800 people. 


About iSphere Technologies

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in South Africa, iSphere Technologies is one of Africa´s leading managed services providers. The company’s comprehensive offering includes hosting for SAP business systems, as well as backup, data recovery and business continuity services. iSphere Technologies partners with many global enterprise technology companies and delivers carrier-grade hosting and aggregation. By leveraging economies of scale, iSphere Technologies offers clients the benefits of a high-end in-memory architecture without the associated operational and capital costs - helping them run their businesses better and more economically. Find out more at



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