pay-recon Pay Recon™

Dynamic payroll and tax reconciliation tailored especially for the USA

The taxman is a relentless taskmaster

Payroll matters are complex, time period issues thorny and the drive for accuracy and balance never ends. Looming large is the ever-present likelihood of variances – error is always a possibility with data collection – and inexact, sparse detail. Your role is crucial, but luckily you can call on a really powerful assistant.

Meet Pay Recon, the teammate you always dreamed about

Pay Recon is an easy-to-use reconciliation instrument for proactive balancing of SAP® HCM and FI transactions, third-party postings and W-2 and 941 tax reporting. With it you can balance payroll results throughout the year so that, by year end, your data is more accurate and only minimal adjustments are required.

Pay Recon helps you do your task better

Pay Recon equips you to drill all the way down to employee level - there's no better way to gain an overview of all tax data and out-of-balance situations. It identifies results that have been reversed but not 'retroed', as well as incomplete voids, where payroll results have been voided but the original FI posting documents have not been reversed. It is an incredible time and effort saver.

It's interactive, flexible and enormously powerful

One of Pay Recon's outstanding assets is its interactive pivot table, which makes the investigation of payroll and post-payroll processes, like third party posting, easy. Flexibility is outstanding and you can select results, hide columns, filter by data source groupings and much more. You can also specify any date range to balance – no need to start at the beginning of the year – and reconcile throughout the year (e.g. quarterly) because you can collect data within chosen dates and streamline your year-end process.

Pay Recon benefits in a nutshell

  • unmatched balancing solution
  • highlights differences which leads to speedy resolutions
  • promotes period-to-period balancing
  • makes investigation easy
  • interactive pivot table accelerates payroll, posting and third-party tax data investigation
  • filters by data source groupings
  • comprehensive reports
  • year-end becomes amazingly smooth
  • helps explain complex payroll to employees