Pay Recon™

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Take an easy step in the right direction to save time and reduce stress with your payroll and tax reconciliation within SAP. Pay Recon allows you to access the Payroll information in a single place, using live SAP Payroll data, as opposed to a manual reconciliation, which is time-consuming, error prone and risky. With period-by-period balancing, Pay Recon helps reconcile payroll and financial results throughout the year, so that by year end, your data is more accurate, and the adjustments required for a fully balanced system are minimal. Pay Recon offers these benefits and more:

  • Highlights differences between Payroll, FI and Third-party postings, SUI, 941 and W-2
  • Enables period-by-period balancing
  • Fosters hassle-free year end
  • Explains complex paystubs and W-2s to employees
  • Helps ensure the completeness of your payroll process