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    Your Data, Your way

What is Query Manager?

Query Manager allows you to get your data your way by standardising and simplifying your HR and payroll reporting, allowing for a reduction in both costs and complexity. The ready-to-use content and shared intelligence of the online community forums are immensely valuable and users benefit from the best in the business.

Query Manager is crammed with a wealth of in-built domain knowledge. It comes with ready-to-use reports but also enables you to create custom Queries in minutes and combine different data sets such as payroll, master data, organisational management data and configuration data into one report. 

The design of Query Manager has been simplified and enhanced so that report creation and distribution is available to a larger audience of users. Through streamlined navigation and user-friendly functions, users can easily execute pre-delivered content, create new content and add additional data sources. Distribution is at your discretion – you’re in control.

In addition to extraordinary capabilities, Query Manager is ‘future-proof’. It is available for use in any of the possible landscape models including on-premise, hybrid and cloud. The solution grows with you, adapting to your needs and style.

Query Manager also includes a live interactive component called Client Central wherein users can participate in an online interactive community, share ideas, download or upload reports, experiences and knowledge, all of which combine to optimise your use of this amazing product. You enjoy unmatched control and get your data, your way.



We wanted to make Query Manager a solution for end-users that hides all the business logic and technical complexities, so they can build the reports they need without knowing the ins and outs of SAP HR.

Eben de Lange, EPI-USE Labs










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So what is so great about Query Manager?

[fa icon="plus-square"] Find the data you need
A simplified user interface helps you find the data you need.

The data in HCM is stored in multiple modules (Personnel Administration, Payroll, Organizational Management, Time, etc.) that add complexity to reporting.

Query Manager solves the challenge of having to go to multiple places to get the data you need.

The landing page provides a central control point for all Queries. You manage reporting from one place. Access includes Online Queries in Client Central that you can download as you wish. It’s a good idea to browse through the content to see if there is already a report that meets your needs. If there is one, you can use it as it is or modify it as you wish – of course, you can also create one from scratch and there are many ways to create a new Query. All Queries are grouped into a tree structure that is intuitive and flexible, so you can organise it to suit your needs. It also means that selection is faster.

A Roadmap leads you through the Query creation process, a simple search function enables fast field search and filtering and you will find the automated process for querying Organisational and Planning data a great help in streamlining it.

Query Manager has a new formula builder that brings the familiarity of Excel-like formulas to calculate and manipulate values. Just click on ‘Help’ and you’ll see how the formulas work. The product opens the reporting field more than ever by being able to report on much more than HCM. Some examples include SAP configuration tables, SAP Financial tables such as Vendor Master and GL account (more content is coming so watch this space), and any customised development tables. You get your data, your way.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Distribute the information
Query Manager allows you to automate report distribution, determine the audience to distribute it to and even send only certain pieces of content to certain recipients.

Additionally, you have the choice of many output formats including ALV, XML, CSV, XLS and PDF as well as on-screen output options. You get your data, your way.

Security is top priority and Query Manager respects existing SAP authorisations. In addition, complete control is at your fingertips so you can password-protect reports and also set permissions for PDF results as to who may print, or copy and paste, and much more. It is also possible to schedule Queries to run at recurring intervals, for instance, you may wish to communicate audit and compliance results daily.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Make Smarter Decisions
Because Query Manager allows you to get your data, your way by standardising and simplifying your HR and Payroll reporting, both costs and complexity are lowered.

The ready-to-use content and shared intelligence of the online community forum are immensely valuable and users benefit from the best in the business. HR agility is massively improved. Crucially, this reporting solution is “future-proof” – your reporting capabilities will grow with your requirements and demands, not only in the HCM space by accessing SuccessFactors™ data, but for other SAP modules and other external data sources.

Rapid access to accurate information means faster, better informed business decisions. The earlier incarnation of the product has had a profound effect on many organisations and this version takes everything further. Take a look at some of the success stories and videos on this site for confirmation. It’s also a good idea to become acquainted with our active User Group programmes around the world and our ongoing webinar sessions.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Format the Data

Query Manager is all about control and you decide what you want to see and how it looks visually in your output.

You are able to display data in rows or columns, expanding your output and formatting options.

You can also include graphical indicators, modify selection screens and customise the output to transform your data into the exact report you need.

The ability to easily include hierarchical organisational data which is often challenging in traditional SAP HCM is made easy in Query Manager.

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What I appreciate very much is the rapid, non-bureaucratic, uncomplicated assistance from the EPI-USE Labs team. If we run into problems, we are able to obtain the solution from the Support team, which is fantastic and so unlike SAP.

Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll | Zürich Airport

Query Manager Fiori App

With the new Query Manager Fiori web-enabled app, users can easily run any Query Manager 4 report using their desktop or tablet browser. The app allows a user to not only run a report but also create insightful charts and view all their previous results.

  • For quick navigation the user can view a list of the latest Query (report) results available and go directly to the output.
  • The same ALV grid output view is available with our custom built SAPUI5 ALV table. Important or latest results can be 'pinned' for quick access.
  • The result of a report can be used to create great looking charts for a Query.
  • Charts can visualise aggregated data from the result-set to provide additional insight into the results.
  • The Chart Builder enables the user to easily create different charts for a Query with basic guidance.
  • Enterprise portal - Accessing Query Manager via Fiori through a customer’s Enterprise portal.
  • SFSF Employee Central - Accessing Query Manager via a Fiori app in the tile based home page.
  • SFSF Employee Central with chart - Viewing Query Manager results via a Fiori app in a tile.
  • Latest SFSF Employee Central - Viewing a Query Manager chart via a Fiori app in the latest Employee Central home page.
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  • alv.jpg
  • column_chart.jpg
  • aggregations.jpg
  • chart_build.jpg
  • enterpriseportal.jpg
  • fiorilaunchpad.jpg
  • sfsf.jpg
  • sfsf_launchpad.jpg
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