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Sanele Malwane - EPI-USE Labs
October 16, 2018

ERP's Monumental Translocation documentary series


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ERP recently completed a historic elephant translocation in Southern Africa, when 53 elephants were moved across three countries to establish a new population in a safe haven in Zinave National Park, in Mozambique. These elephants were moved in carefully-selected family units from overcrowded game reserves in South Africa, where they faced the imminent threat of culling. ERP was called in to intervene and provide a non-lethal solution, which resulted in one of the largest elephant translocations ever undertaken.

Elephant Translocation

During the second phase of this move, Dagmar Midcap – a seasoned US television network reporter with a keen interest in conservation  became heavily involved in the mission, producing a fascinating documentary which captures the emotion and sheer difficulty of the translocation.


You can catch this four-part documentary series by clicking on the links below:

Segment 1

Down to Earth: Extinction Crisis Segment 1


Segment 2

Down to Earth: Extinction Crisis Segment 2


Segment 3

Down to Earth: Extinction Crisis Segment 2


Segment 4

Down to Earth: Extinction Crisis Segment 4

They are well worth watching!


To read the full story behind this historical event, click here.



ERP Harvard Business Review Case Study

EPI-USE Labs is offering you the chance to read this fascinating case study which focuses on CEO Jonathan Tager as he grapples with implementing and sustaining the ERP program. The case study highlights the difficulty of planning in embarking on programs of this nature as well as CSR programs in general. It also addresses topics such as hybrid (blended) business models, the 'theory of change' underlying CSR strategy, and the challenges involved in defining and measuring impact.

Harvard Business Review CTA

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