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May 31, 2018




With companies across the world now bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EPI-USE Labs announced today that it will showcase its GDPR Compliance Suite for SAP® software at the SAPPHIRE NOW® and ASUG Annual Conference from June 5-7 in Orlando, Florida.


The Compliance Suite includes three software solutions designed to bring companies into compliance with GDPR, which is an effort to provide citizens in the European Union with more control over their personal data. However, the data-protection and privacy law applies to all organizations that collect, store and process the personal data of European Union citizens. It requires that organizations be ready to reveal the individual data they have, the purpose for which it’s stored, and where it’s kept.

“It’s likely that many organizations don’t yet fully understand the extent to which the GDPR affects their future and existing SAP solution landscape,” said Paul Hammersley, Vice President of Application Lifecycle Management products at EPI-USE Labs.


“Simply put, people control their personal data and have the right to ask for details about it. Organizations that don’t understand which data is stored where, and for what purpose, will find that Data Subject Access Requests are hugely time-consuming and drain resources from other areas.”

The GDPR Compliance Suite for SAP software includes three first-of-their-kind software applications that help organizations to locate data quickly and efficiently, and then remove/redact all or parts of a record.

They are:

  • Data Disclose, which instantly searches the SAP solution-based landscape to locate, retrieve and present a subject’s data footprint with an encrypted PDF download. It searches all systems running applications in ABAP®, as well as non-SAP systems integrated with the product’s APIs.
  • Data Redact, which alters or clears sensitive or identifying fields without removing the entire record either to effect the ‘Right to be forgotten’ or to remove parts of a person’s record that should no longer be stored. The outcome doesn’t affect reporting of non-sensitive data, but helps organizations avoid costly archiving products or custom deletion solutions.
  • Data Retain, which locates data subjects for redaction based on flexible rules. It can be executed at any time, or scheduled to run automatically at predetermined times. It allows organizations to get ahead of erasure requests.

For more information on the GDPR Compliance Suite, visit booth 1333 at SAPPHIRE NOW or


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