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July 18, 2017

Into the future with SAP S/4 HANA


Live Webinar: Blast your SAP systems into the future with SAP S/4 HANA

Presenter:  Jamie Neilan,  Professional Services Director for EPI-USE Labs Limited

Date and time: Wednesday, 19 July at 10:30 (GMT)


Into the future with S/4HANA


As a business, you are constantly looking at ways to be more efficient and reduce costs. You focus on being the best in your market. It's crucial that your IT systems support your business growth and give you the best performance possible. S/4HANA is the future for every business running SAP, whether this year or within the next few years. Moving to S/4 is a migration project unlike any other you will have done. If executed correctly, your business should reap the rewards of a leap forward in both hardware and software technology, unshackling you from the restraints of 20th century spindle-disk technology and ensuring that your competition are not accelerating ahead of you, by making the most of the new style of IT.


What’s the catch? Moving your SAP Business Suite to HANA is already a large and costly project. Cutting- edge technology, built to meet the demands of the modern digital economy, is costly. Can you make a bold step to S/4 HANA and still ensure your costs are controlled and your business systems' integrity is maintained?


EPI-USE Labs is hosting a webinar to explore how you can benefit from S/4HANA, while minimising the cost of implementation. 




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