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Top 5 take-aways from SAP TechEd 2017

Oct 11, 2017 11:51:09 AM

SAP TechEd...Boldly go where no enterprise has gone before

We had a full team from EPI-USE Labs attending SAP® TechEd this year (along with about 6,000 others) and we all geeked out. Most geeky of all was the Star Trek theme of the SAP TechEd Keynote delivered by Björn Goerke, SAP Chief Technology Officer and President SAP Cloud Platform. Björn kicked off the conference with an inspirational keynote relating the Star Trek theme with the digital transformation journey happening at companies around the world. Captain Kirk (played by Goerke) got right into character, and took the crowd through space focusing on Machine learning, blockchain, digital assistants, neural networks, and IoT. There was a big announcement during the keynote, which is my first takeaway.

5 Best Practices for SAP Data Testing

Oct 2, 2017 2:00:45 PM

Let’s talk about SAP testing. 

Super fun huh? Oh, the trials and tribulations of SAP testing. All of us that live and breathe SAP know that testing takes up a lot of time and requires the right data to shorten that cycle. Regression testing can be a word you don’t want to hear. But, it’s a necessary and critical part of an organization’s IT landscape. Testers are looking for errors while trying to keep security breaches at bay.

How to reduce project delays by 50%: A Case Study

Sep 18, 2017 10:47:30 AM

I recently interviewed a great customer of ours from Siemens PLM Software to catch up with him about how things were going with regard to the management of his SAP landscape. Also, how testing and automation are running for him and his team of Basis and security folks.

About five years ago, Siemens PLM Software was growing at a rapid pace and acquiring companies (which also meant many other data systems). This rapid growth created several data governance and management challenges at the same time, mainly because of a lack of good quality test data which was frustrating their users, wasting time and delaying projects.