Data Sync ManagerTM FAQs

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    Where is DSM stored on my SAP system?
    DSM is entirely written in object-oriented ABAP, using some of the very latest techniques. This allows us to update the product modularly and make use of the latest hardware technology. With modern server capabilities there is no need for intermediary systems; data can be selected, extracted, transformed (e.g. scrambled), compressed and exported from the source system, and then unpacked and inserted on the target.
    Do I need extra hardware for installing DSM?
    Not at all. Unlike some other copy products, DSM does not require any additional hardware or middleware. You just download the transport from our Support Portal, and transport it as normal to the relevant systems. It can be installed across the landscape in less than a day.
    Which industry solutions does DSM support?
    DSM supports all Industry Solutions and includes enhanced functionality for Retail, Public Sector, Media, Utilities, Mining, Insurance, Oil, Retail, Public Sector, Discrete Industries, Collections, disbursements and Telecommunications.
    What if DSM doesn't support the business objects my company uses?
    The wide breadth of existing customers, both geographically and in terms of industry, means that we have had exposure to a raft of objects and functionality. In ERP alone there are over 500 objects supported. Our implementation process allows us to quickly identify any unsupported objects and establish their priority for the customer. In recent years there has rarely been a need to develop any additional objects for a new customer
    Do you provide any training or support?

    Our philosophy is to ensure you get the full benefit from our products, which is why we offer various product training courses delivered by highly competent experts.

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    When you purchase an EPI-USE Labs product, you also get full access to a team of experts who are there to help you in every way possible. We back our products with service and support above and beyond the call of duty.

    Will DSM still work if we upgrade our SAP system?
    Yes, EPI-USE Labs is continually developing and improving DSM, so we supply updated versions of DSM for each new SAP release, and ensure that DSM will work after each upgrade. Remember that DSM can even help you with your upgrade, as it can copy from lower to higher SAP releases and there is no cost to download a different version of DSM when you have upgraded.
    What SAP releases does DSM support?



    DSM Products



    4.7 x1.10 to ECC 6.0 (ERP 2005), up to and including Enhancement Pack EhP 8 (HANA compatible)

    Object Sync, Client Sync, Data Secure, System Builder

    Object SyncClient SyncData SecureSystem Builder


    5.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.00)
    6.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.00)
    7.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7. 01)
    7.0 EhP 2 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.31)
    7.0 EhP 3 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.40)

    Client Sync, Data Secure, System Builder

    Client syncData secureSystem builder


    5.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0)
    6.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0)
    7.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7. 0 EhP 1)

    Client Sync, Data Secure, System Builder

    Client syncData secureSystem builder


    8.0 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0)

    Client Sync, System Builder

    Client syncSytem builder


    3.x (Based on SAP NetWeaver 6.40)
    7.x including 7.4 (HANA compatible) (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.00 – 7.40)

    Object Sync*, Client Sync, System Builder
    * Now in Controlled Availability

    Object SyncClient SyncSystem Builder


    7.0 Support Pack 9 and higher (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.01)
    7.0 EhP 2 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7. 31)
    7.0 EhP3 (Based on SAP NetWeaver 7. 40)

    Client Sync, System Builder

    Client SyncSystem Builder


    7.01 EhP 1 based on SAP NetWeaver 7.01
    7.02 EhP 2
    7.31 EhP 1

    Client Sync, System Builder

    Client SyncSystem Builder