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How to better design your HR actions to improve HCM Reporting

Jul 31, 2017 7:10:00 PM

Designing your Employee actions

This blog talks about configuring actions properly in order to improve data and reporting.  The configuration of personnel actions such as hiring, terminations, and organizational assignments in SAP ERP HCM is completely customizable. The SAP-delivered actions can be customized to your company's needs so you can collect necessary data and assign specific employment statuses. The employee data collected during your actions then can be classified with reason codes that will provide you with better employee groupings for reporting. Before you configure new actions, here are three questions to ask:

What data do I need to collect?

  1. What statuses do I want to assign?
  2. What reporting goals do I have related to these actions?

I'll explain why these questions are so important. Then I'll show you how to create your own HR actions.

10 minute read

How to Create an Action in SAP

Jul 21, 2017 7:22:00 AM

Configuration of Personnel Actions and events

In part one of this blog, I discussed personnel actions in SAP HCM and talked about their purpose and how to maximize their impact on your data and reporting. In this second part of the series, I share some step-by-step tips for configuring actions and reasons in your system.

4 minute read

A Quick Fix to Employee Status that can improve your HCM Reporting

Jul 10, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Standard Employee Classifications

Over the years, I have visited hundreds of SAP HCM customers and have seen nearly as many different configurations of personnel and employee structures. I pay close attention to these structures because they play a crucial role in SAP HCM and Payroll reporting. If you have created HCM reports or queries in SAP, you understand how the employee and personnel structure configuration can impact report selection criteria (as shown below), and ultimately your ability to produce the reports that you need.

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Five things you need to know about reporting in SAP SuccessFactors

Jul 4, 2017 1:03:00 PM

It's an exciting time in SAP SuccessFactors reporting

After years of seeing very few changes in SAP HCM reporting, suddenly there is cutting edge development on the SAP SuccessFactors reporting and analytics front that is changing the way we think about HCM reporting. To help make sense of all of this, here are the top five things you need to know about the future of reporting in SAP SuccessFactors.

1 minute read

Phishing Attacks Threaten HR/Payroll Data: Query Manager Protects

Jul 1, 2017 8:03:00 PM

Hackers target payroll vulnerabilities with phishing attempts

It seems like I read about another large online hack, malware or phishing scheme nearly every week. These days, not even HR and payroll departments are immune to these attacks. In one recent case, several universities experienced a phishing attack where the perpetrators sent mass emails to employees posing as a member of the Human Resource department. The email asked the employee to “confirm” their payroll and direct deposit banking information, and contained a link to a bogus site where the employee was asked to enter the data. The ultimate goal of the hackers was to access employee payroll direct deposit accounts.