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What’s New with SuccessFactors Report Center?

Jun 25, 2019 7:23:21 AM

Last year, I shared my My Top 3 Favorite Advancements in SAP SuccessFactors Reporting which included an announcement about the consolidation of multiple SuccessFactors reporting solutions into something new called the Report Center.

The Report Center is designed to be a one-stop-shop for users to run and manage reports, and more importantly a consolidation of all of the SuccessFactors report-building tools via a new interface, built in UI5 using SAP Fiori.

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Can you report on data from SAP and SuccessFactors at the same time?

Jun 14, 2019 2:01:04 PM

SAP’s approximately 13,500 HCM customers are all encouraged to begin their journey from SAP HCM On-Premise to SAP SuccessFactors and the cloud. I’ve talked quite a bit in our Let’s Talk HCM blog series about the options that customers have while they make their journey, including these blogs here, here and here

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SAP SuccessFactors launches People Analytics powered by SAP Analytics Cloud

Nov 19, 2018 1:06:42 PM

At SAPPHIRE 2018, SAP announced the launch of Intelligence and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as detailed in my blog from June, 2018.  The annual SuccessConnect conference continued on the theme of Intelligence and the use of SAC as the future for all HCM reporting, as detailed in my blog from October, 2018.  

The solution for all Human Capital reporting powered by this SAP Analytics Cloud is now being referred to as People Analytics, as detailed by the global head of Product for SAP SuccessFactors, Amy Wilson in SAP’s News Center update on October 31, 2018 titled “Introducing SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics, Enabled by SAP Analytics Cloud”.


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SAP SuccessFactors Launches Employee Central Time Management

Apr 6, 2018 10:28:40 AM

I attended the SAP SuccessFactors HR Demo Series Webinar on Time and Attendance Management with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.  You can catch the replay here.

The concept of a module in SuccessFactors for Time Management as part of Employee Central is a pivot for SAP SuccessFactors, who initially recommended that the best path for time in the new landscape would be to leverage partners as described graphically below.

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SAP HCM: Handling positions after a termination

Mar 28, 2018 6:41:54 AM

Managing “Orphan” Positions
A common challenge for SAP HCM customers who have integration turned on between Personnel Administration and Organizational Management is the management of positions – or what many refer to as ‘orphan’ positions.

In a nutshell, positions in SAP are objects within the Organizational Management module. Org Management has several different types of objects: organizational units are object type O, jobs are object type C, and positions are object type S. These objects exist in Org Management regardless of whether they are attached to an employee on the Personnel Administration side or not.